Our Mission:
   To provide secure insurance coverage for our policyholders
   and ensure prudent longterm growth
   while preserving our rural Saskatchewan roots.
Claims forms

You may download or print the following claim forms:

Preliminary Claims Report

Schedule of Loss Form

If you have suffered a property loss, please contact your broker. Your broker has all the information regarding your insurance coverages and will record all details of the claim and forward a Preliminary Claims Report to us.  We will have an adjuster contact you as soon as possible. 

When a property loss happens, secure your property as much as possible by making temporary repairs to prevent further damage.  Do not throw away any damaged property until an adjuster has been to see you so they can make an accurate calculation of your loss.

Your adjuster will advise you on getting estimates for repairs or replacement items.  Once all documentation is received, we will process your claim as quickly as possible. 

Providing as much information as possible when a claim is initiated helps us process your claim quickly and efficiently. Write down what happened and take photographs of the damage. In the event of vandalism, burglary or theft, the police must be contacted first.  If necessary, complete a Schedule of Loss form to record items damaged or stolen.  The form, and instructions for completing it, may be found above left.