Our Mission:
   To provide secure insurance coverage for our policyholders
   and ensure prudent longterm growth
   while preserving our rural Saskatchewan roots.
Home Insurance

Coverage for home and personal property can be provided for homeowners, tenants, condominium residences and seasonal residences. Specific items can be scheduled to provide complete insurance protection.

Types of packages:

  • Homeowners
  • Tenant Pak
  • Condominium Owner
  • Mobile Homeowner
  • Rental Dwelling
  • Seasonal Residence

Coverage available:

Home Pak A: Named perils for dwelling and property;
Home Pak B: Named perils for dwelling and comprehensive perils for property;
Home Pak C: Comprehensive perils for both dwelling and property.


NEW Coverages Available - Ask Your Broker!

Service Line Protection

Home System Protection

Water Protection Coverage


Homeowners Pak A, Tenant Pak A or Condominium Pak A

Home Pak A protects your dwelling and belongings against loss or damage resulting from the following named perils only:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Explosion or implosion
  • Smoke
  • Falling object
  • Impact by aircraft or land vehicle
  • Riot
  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Water escape, rupture, freezing
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Glass breakage
  • Transportation
  • Theft
  • Collapse
  • Power fluctuation
  • Earthquake

Homeowners Pak B
Named perils for dwelling and comprehensive perils for property

We insure your dwelling, detached private structures and your personal property as follows:

  • If there is loss or damage to property insured under Dwelling, Building and/or Private Structures, you are insured for such loss or damage under the terms and conditions of Homeowners Pak A;
  • If there is loss or damage to property insured under Personal Property, you are insured for additional coverage for Homeowners Pak C.

Additional Coverage for Homeowners Pak B & C:

Food Spoilage: We insure foodstuff while contained in any food freezer unit located within the principal residence for loss up to $1000 per occurrence when cause by power failure or mechanical breakdown of such unit. You may apply a part of this limit to any reasonable expenses incurred, excluding repair or replacement parts, to reduce or avert the loss.

Homeowners Pak C, Tenant Pak B, or Condominium Unit Pak B
Comprehensive perils for both dwelling and property

We insure your dwelling, detached private structures and your personal property against direct physical loss or damage subject to all the exclusions limitations, terms and conditions below.

Property not insured:

  • Buildings or structures used in whole or in part or designed for farming, commercial or business purposes unless declared on the Coverage Summary Page;
  • Any property illegally acquired, imported, stored, transported or kept;
  • Business property including samples and goods held for sale, except as provided under “special limits of insurance”;
  • Any property lawfully seized unless such property is destroyed to prevent the spread of fire;
  • Property because of the voluntary parting with title of ownership, whether or not induced to do so by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device or false pretence;
  • Lawns outdoor trees, shrubs or plants except as provided under Additional Coverage;
  • Books of account and evidences of debt or title;
  • Property undergoing any process or while being worked on, where the damage results from such process or work, but resulting damage to other property is insured;
  • Household pets;
  • Sporting equipment where the loss or damage is due to its use;
  • Property at any fair ground, exhibition or exposition for the purpose of exhibition;
  • Contact lenses;
  • Retaining walls not constituting part of any insured building;
  • Buildings and/or structures used in whole or in part for the cultivation harvesting, processing, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana or any other substance falling within the Schedules of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, whether or not insured is aware of such use of the property;
  • Property insured vacant for more than 30 consecutive days.

Seasonal Home Pak

Coverage is available for:

  • Owner occupied dwellings used as their seasonal residence and not rented to others;
  • Dwellings built after 1950 and well maintained;
  • Dwellings with a thermostatically controlled furnace or electric heat as the principal heating unit;
  • The dwelling must be accessible year round by a maintained road;
  • Dwelling should be insured to 100% of replacement cost. Eighty per cent co-insurance applies at time of loss;
  • Minimum value $35,000.


Additional optional coverage is available:

  • Glass Deductible Rider;
  • Fire Department Endorsement;
  • Building Bylaw Coverage;
  • Belongings in storage;
  • Sewer Backup;
  • Identity Theft.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Option (GRC)

  • Guarantees to pay the cost of replacing the dwelling even though the actual replacement may exceed the amount of protection purchased;
  • Guarantees continuation of the interest rate on the policyholder’s existing mortgage agreement in the event they are forced to re-mortgage because of an insured loss;
  • Pays the legal costs involved in obtaining a new mortgage;
  • Provides a single amount of protection of belongings, additional living expenses, lost rental income and mass evacuation calculated at 100% of the dwelling amount of protection. Should the amount of protection be inadequate for any coverage listed above, the unused portion of the remaining coverage amounts may be used to make up the shortfall.

This is available only on owner occupied and family occupied Home Paks; preferred rated dwellings; and dwellings built since 1960. This guarantee is not available for dwellings under construction, or any log dwellings.

Mobile Home Pak
A mobile home is one which is factory built on its own chassis and which can be easily moved.

Coverage is available on family owned, occupied mobile homes that meet the following conditions:

  • Must not exceed 20 years of age;
  • Must have a gas, oil furnace, or electric heat;
  • Must be CSA approved;
  • Must have approved tie-down system and skirting or be on a permanent foundation.


Risks that do not meet the above requirements will be insured under Fire & Extended Coverage. Mobile homes over 20 years old and in excellent condition may be written as a Mobile Home Pak subject to a 25% surcharge.

General Dwelling Protector Policies


  • Will write “stand alone” policies only if claims free;
  • Coverage is available for dwellings, mobile homes, small apartment blocks;
  • Minimum values: dwellings $10,000; mobile homes $5,000; contents $5,000;
  • Dwelling should be insured to 100% of replacement cost. Eighty per cent co-insurance applies at time of loss;
  • Vacant dwellings are not accepted as new business;
  • Solid fuel heating surcharges apply.


Discounts available:

♦ Claims Free - 10% ( claims free for 0-3 consecutive years) available to "first time" insurers
♦ Claims Free - 15% ( claims free for over 3 consecutive years with Germania);
♦ Mature Citizen (age 50) - 10% discount;
♦ Senior Citizen (age 60) -  15%  discount;
♦ New Home Discount - 10% discount;
♦ Home Security Discount - 20% discount;
♦ Mortgage Free Discount - 10% discount;
♦ Higher Deductible Discounts:
     $750 deductible - 10% discount
     $1000 deductible - 15% discount
     $2500 deductible - 20% discount
     $5000 deductible - 30% discount
     $10000 deductible - 40% discount

Loss or damage not insured:

♦ By war, invasion, act of a foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military power;
♦ By any nuclear incident as defined in the Nuclear Liability Act;
♦ By or resulting from contamination or pollution or the release, discharge, dispersal of contaminants or pollutants;
♦ By wear, tear, gradual deterioration, latent defect or mechanical breakdown, rust corrosion, extremes of temperature wet or dry rot, fungi or spores;
♦ By scratching or marring of any property or breakage of any fragile or brittle articles unless caused by a Specified Peril;
♦ By cracking or falling of ceiling or wall plaster, unless caused by a peril not otherwise excluded by this policy;
♦ Accumulative damage, however caused;
♦ By birds, moth vermin (such as skunks and raccoons) rodents (such as squirrels and rats) insects or household pets, except loss damage to building glass;
♦ Because of increased costs of repair or replacement due to operation of any law regulating the zoning, demolition repair or construction of buildings and their related services;
♦ Resulting from any intentional or criminal act or failure to act by you, your employees or anyone the damaged or lost property is entrusted to;
♦ Due to the cost involved to correct faulty material or workmanship;
♦ By settling, expansion, contraction, moving, bulging, buckling or cracking except resulting damage to building glass;
♦ By smoke from agricultural smudging or industrial operations;
♦ By buildup of smoke; smoke damage must be sudden and accidental;
♦ By collapse of outside property such as awnings, fences or trellises unless resulting from structural collapse of foundations, walls, floors or roof of a building. Patios, driveways, walks or retaining walls, outdoor radio and/or television antenna, towers and satellite receivers;
♦ By water unless the loss or damage directly resulted from the sudden or accidental escape of water from within a water main, swimming pool or equipment attached; the sudden and accidental escape of water or steam from within a heating sprinkler, air conditioning or plumbing system, domestic appliance or waterbed which is located inside your dwelling; water which enters through an opening  which has been created suddenly and accidentally by a peril not otherwise excluded; the accumulation of ice or snow on the roof as a result of ice damming (applies only to personal property).